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Over the years this self-acclaimed blogger by the name of Funke Ashekun has continued to constitute a complete nuisance on the social media space. For few who have taken time to watch her flippant attitude online one can easily tell that she is not only bored but has a strange obsession towards her former church MFM. 

In the past few years, she has been castigating her former church and the well-revered and respected leader Dr DK Olukoya. 

Aside from the fact that she lacks decorum her unchristianlike attitude has been perceived by many as irritable. 

How can a mother like Funke become so incorrigible and restless and do nothing else but go about ranting for years about her former Church leaders and members without any proof?

After talking for several years on her online page about ongoing sexual activities in what is referred to as corridor prayer in her former church MFM nobody has come out to support her claim. Her only acclaimed testifier Debbie Chinyere has since sought forgiveness from her former church for being led astray by Funke Ashekun to testify against the church and its leadership. 

After she has caused so many problems for Debbie she has switched to Ayotunde Richard a former Choir leader in MFM. The same thing she did with Debbie she started again with Richard by making him turn completely against the church and himself. Richard who can be likened also to Omo Alaimo Ore (Prodigal Child) lost a total grip on himself and became possessed thereby going online to Cyber Bully his former Spiritual father  Dr DK Olukoya a man old enough to be his father and a spiritual leader many people today respect to the high heavens. 

In most recent times these restless Funke have been seen snooping around contacting some Ex members again.

Her modus operandi anytime she wants to carry out her mischief is to bait some members with money mostly stipends and embolden them to testify against MFM Church leaders. 

There is no gaining saying with all these women's acts but to conclude that she is jinxed.

 Find below 25 Lies Funke Ashekun Told in Court

1. She denied that all her three-year broadcast is not about Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries MFM

2. She denied ever contacting the blogger named Gist Lover to investigate Dr. Olukoya. Claiming that her phone was hacked to contact the Gist lover

3. She lied that her broadcast is a satire 

4. She claimed she has attended 10 churches in Nigeria

5. She claimed she does not have any close interactions with Dr Olukoya and his wife yet in a recent video said she sought financial help from Dr Olukoya’s wife when her son was ill. 

6. She denied all the gifts she got from Dr Olukoya and his wife 

7. She denied benefiting from MFM at all despite her accepting previously that she owes MFM money but will not pay because a prophet  told her the refund would be used against her spiritually

8. She has no single evidence to back up what she has been  broadcasting and could not produce any evidence or witnesses

9. She is filing for asylum in the USA after her whole family consisting of her husband, 4 children and her mother went on visiting visa that will expire soon.

10. The only evidence she brought to court was the recent TB Joshua documentary which was thrown out by the court

11. She lied that the Pharoah she is referring to in her broadcast is all the GOs in Nigeria and not any particular pastor

12. She lied that she did not talk about Mfm to Maureen Badejo. She got silenced in court when the MFM lawyer played the video

13. ⁠She lied that her new book is not about Mountain of Fire yet she mentioned Makoko. A place where Dr Olukoya was a pastor.

14. She lied that she talks about multiple pharaohs in her shows

15. She lied that there are no references to Dr Olukoya in any of her shows.

16. She lied that Dr Olukoya had jailed her family members in Nigeria

17. She lied that there are no incidents related to any of her postings based on anything that happened in Mountain of Fire.

18. She lied that the corridor prayer reports and references she was making were imaginative

19. She lied that she had never attended corridor prayers. Meanwhile, she was in for corridor prayer when she had acute fibroid.

20. She lied that her story about the virginity test is imaginative.

21. She lied that her life was in danger and that Dr Olukoya was after her life.

22. She lied that she didn't sign the discovery papers even when her name, signature and date were on the document shown to her

23. She lied that she couldn't afford a lawyer because she was in debt, but in her opening statement, she said she fired her lawyer because of a red flag, meaning she couldn't handle the truth that her lawyer initiated.

23. She lied that the  Nigerian justice system is corrupt and doesn't give justice to victims of fake pastors and in the same breath she mentioned a pastor in Nigeria who set his member on fire and was given a life sentence and is in Jail now.

25. She painted all churches and all pastors in Africa as criminals, predators and evil-doers, who assault members and steal their money

26. She added that carrying false information without evidence, mud-slinging and tarnishing of images of MFM is her life mission, her destiny and the court should not stop it

27. She lied that MFM was trying to tarnish her image, reputation and liberation struggle, while she was the one doing her best to slander the church even at one point, saying it was her mission to close down all MFM churches worldwide.

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